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Pastor's Perspective

September 2017

Posted by Ricky Sanderford on

Pastor's Perspective

Have you ever ridden on a ferry? I have ridden on several. Some years
ago, on a trip up north, I rode on two different ferries. One was the ferry that provided transport for you and your car to Washington Island, where I attended a preaching conference. The other was a pedestrian ferry that took you to Mackinac Island, MI. There are no automobiles allowed on Mackinac Island, only bicycles and horses – along with everything horses leave behind!

A boat is an image utilized to describe the church. Some sanctuaries are
designed from the inside to resemble an upside down boat. A church is what ferries you or carries you throughout this earthly life to the life to come. It provides support, sustenance and safety when the storms of life are raging. Charles Tindley composed a hymn in 1906, titled Stand By Me.

When the storms of life are raging, stand by me;
when the storms of life are raging, stand by me.
When the world is tossing me, like a ship upon the sea,
thou who rulest wind and water, stand by me.

As I was riding the ferry to Washington Island, two things struck me that relate to being part of the church. One, I made the decision to ride the ferry, no one forced me. No one forces you to join a church; it is your choice to do so. I chose to ride the ferry because I desired to go to a conference on preaching. It may be possible for one to enjoy the life to come without the church, but it is not God’s plan. God’s plan and desire is for our journey in this life to be in relationship with other Christians in a church. People miss many blessings choosing not to be part of a Christian community, but it is a personal choice.

Second, riding the ferry is not cheap. It cost $45 to take the ferry to Washington Island. Living your life as part of the Christian community is free, but it is not cheap. Grace is free, but it is never cheap. The grace God extended to all people in Jesus Christ was costly. It cost the sacrifice of God’s son. It does not cost to join the church; you do not pay dues as you do when you join a club, but the opportunity to share God’s resources you control is there. Those resources include your time, energy, talent, and finances. The purpose of sharing is not primarily for the survival of the church, but for you to say thank you and to grow closer to God. God does not call you to do anything God has not already done or experienced.

How are you involved in the life of FUMC? Are you sharing your God given resources in a way that honors God? If you want to be more involved in the church family, speak with one of the staff or me. There is a place for you to serve and give. See you in worship.

Grace and peace, Ricky

P.S. The sanctuary is being raised up at a good pace! Praise God! Just a reminder that the mission of the church is not primarily about bricks and mortar, but about God and people. The mission is first about building and making disciples, not buildings. An 8-week sermon series on Building Christians will begin on September 10. Both Robert and I will be preaching the same theme and scripture each week at all three worship

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