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Pastor's Perspective

Pastor's Perspective January 2020

Posted by Ricky Sanderford on with 1 Comments

Welcome to 2020! I pray our vision matches the new year. We need to see clearly that God is working in the world, in this church family and in all our lives. We need clarity to understand the will of God moving into a new decade. I pray for our keen eyesight most especially the eyes of our heart that we may be aware of the needs around us and know that God equips us to do great things in the service of the Almighty.

To remember is one thing we Christians are expected to do throughout the year. That is in part what happens in Holy Communion – we remember what God has done in Jesus Christ. But, we are also called to remember the other sacrament in the church – baptism. A special day in the church at the beginning of each year is the Baptism of the Lord Sunday. This year that day is Sunday, January 12. We will celebrate Jesus’ baptism and participate by remembering our baptism.

Baptism is our entry rite into the church and an acknowledgement that we are God’s. Through baptism, God marks us as a holy child of the Creator. As we allow God’s love to shine through us our “watermark” is revealed for the world to see. I hope God’s watermark on you is clearly seen by those around you in 2020.

In response to our place in God’s heart and Kingdom, we will have the opportunity to make a re-commitment to God through our prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness. I look forward to celebrating this special day with you on January 12 at each of the morning services.

An exciting adventurous year of mission and ministry lies ahead. More than we could ever imagine because together we do more.

Grace and peace,





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