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Pastor's Perspective

December 2015

Posted by Ricky Sanderford on

Many people would rather skip it. Pass right over it to get to the good stuff and not give it a second thought. Many churches only give it a side glance as they hurry on their merry way. THE day awaits and it’s where our focus is located. I am speaking of the season of Advent. The word “advent” from the Medieval Latin adventus meaning arrival. Thus Advent is the season to prepare for the arrival of Jesus, God’s gift to the world.

The season of Advent however, is one full of tension. Advent’s primary concern is not with the arrival of the baby Jesus, but rather with the hope and expectation of the second arrival or the second coming of Jesus. Advent is concerned with preparing for the consummation of all things in the fullness of God’s Kingdom established here on earth. People seem to be more concerned with preparing to remember the past event of a baby in a manger. So the season of Advent is a time to look back and a time to look forward. The first Sunday of Advent (November 29 this year) also marks the beginning of a new church year. So, we begin each church year by reflecting and praying about the end of all history.

I encourage you this Advent season to take time to tarry. Slow down and linger in anticipation of the coming of Christ. What does this mean for you? How has Christ’s coming impacted your life? What does Christ’s second arrival mean for me? How do I live my life today in response to the already of Christ coming in the flesh and the not yet of Christ’s second arrival?

The world will rush you along fast enough to Christmas so spend time each day in prayer and devotion. Allow God to enter your busy lives and breath into your spirits the breathe of joy, contentment and peace. O Come, o come, Emmanuel.

Grace and peace,

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