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April 2017

Posted by Ricky Sanderford on with 14 Comments

I pray that the groundbreaking for our sanctuary space has recently occurred. That’s the plan. I remember a groundbreaking that happened when I was just a boy about six. The occasion was Kempner Methodist church doing a major remodel on the sanctuary, almost starting from the ground up. We have in my family a grainy 8mm film of the groundbreaking after church one Sunday. It is an early memory that sticks with me. I hope the memory of our groundbreaking will be a lasting memory for you.

Our district superintendent Rev. Dr. Robert Lopez shared with us words of wisdom a few weeks ago at our charge conference where the vote was taken to proceed with construction. He reminded us that much energy and effort from many people have gone into this endeavor to this point, but the real work begins when the building is complete and ready to use as a wonderful tool to make disciples and grow the Kingdom all to the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.

To ready ourselves for this work, we as a church have much to do before we ever step into our sanctuary. We have decisions to contemplate about several important aspects of our ministry.

  • What will our Sunday morning hospitality ministry consist of and what will it look like?
  • What will a pathway of discipleship look like that will help people move from being a first time guest to a committed follower of Jesus Christ?
  • How will we invite the community to be part of ministry and fellowship of our church?

These are only three aspects of our life together in ministry that we need to contemplate and create a fruitful system. There are many more. This is an exciting time for our church with much work to accomplish. I look forward to the challenge over the next year.

I encourage everyone to share thoughts and/or ideas you may have about how we can prepare for the work of ministry ahead. Your commitment to this project, financial and otherwise is much appreciated. I thank God for each of you.

Grace and peace,


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